S. Sivaraksa

Songkla, July 7-9, participating with the National Commission on Human Rights for reconcilliation between Thai Buddhists and Malay Muslims in the South. This is the follow-up of the INEB’s regional meeting in Bangkok on Buddhist-Muslim dialogue from 26-28 June, 2006 while in Songkla Sulak also presided over the Midnight University annual lecture to commemorate Charoen Wataksorn’s 3rd anniversary of his assasination. Charoen fought for the rights of his community and is believed to be killed by the order of the local landlord. The lecturers were two leading Muslims who fought against the Thai-Malaysia gas pipeline.
July 14-22, Centenary of Bhikkhu Buddhadasa with sacred music from Tibet by Nawang kechok in Bangkok, Phuket and Krabi
July 23-30, was a keynote speaker at the Asia Pacific Youth Meeting in the Punjak, outside Jakarta instead of former President Abdulrahman Wahid of Indonesia and met a number of Indonesian Buddhists especially Miftahul Huda, young socially engaged Buddhists who hold their national meeting at Malang from 19-22 August. Compass interviewed Sulak as per the enclosed.
August 4-6, participated in the 1st Ameranger’s Dispute on Religion – Blessing or Curse of Mankind – the world in Crisis in Germany with leading religious leaders from Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. The host was Ernst Freiberger Foundation, under the chairmanship of Prof. Michael von Brueck. The former president of the Federal Republic, Dr. ……also participated. The gist of Sulak’s speech is as follows.
August 9, The Governor of Bangkok awarded Sulak as the best senior citizen in the field of literature for the district of Bangrak.
August 10, presided over the opening of the Mekhong regional meeting on Gross National Happiness at Chulalongkorn University and closed the event at Ashram Wongsanit on August 12. Participants were from China, Vietnam, Siam, Cambodia, Laos and Burma as well as those from Bhutan, India and Japan.
August 18, Bangkok. The Criminal Court has passed the verdict on Sulak who has been arraested since 6th March 1998 on obstructing the gas pipeline from Burma to Kanchanaburi. Please see Danny Campbell’s A Tale about People and a Pipeline (Santi Pracha Dhamma Institute) 2003 for the further information.
August 22-29, Sulak led a group of Thai – Lao to the Kingdom of Bhutan at the invitation of the Institute of Gross National Happiness in Timpu
September 8-9, Sulak take part in the 1st Table of Free Voices which will take place on September 9, 2006. Berlin, Germany. Arranged by Ralf Schmerberg, Founder, CEO of dropping knowledge.
September 11-15, World’s Religons After September 11 – A Global Congress,
Montreal. Theme: Religion and Human Rights. Sulak was invited to present for the symposium “Religion and Human Rights” at the Congress. In addition, the Global Ethics and Religion Forum is organizing a special invited symposium on “Religion and War” and he also was invited to present for that symposium also. Both symposiums will be composed of panels where each speaker presents for about 20 minutes. The panels for human rights will all occur on Tuesday, September 12. The panels for “Religion and War” will be held throughout the Congress in order to keep this topic immediately present.
Directors: Nancy M. Martin, Joseph Runzo and Arvind Sharma.
September 20-23, Oslo, Norway
September 23-24, Stockholm, Sweden
September 25-28, Sulak was invited to lecture on the topic “The…Poor People’s Parliament” Nuremberg, Germany
October 1-5, Life, Freedom and the Future, Dorset, England
October 13-15 2006 Sulak lectures on “Social Activism, Personal transformation and Globalization” Naropa University, Colorado, USA
October 18-20, Sulak participates with the symposium title “Religion and Public Life: Why Be Afraid?” Colorado College, Colorado, USA
October 21-22, Celebrating Bhikkhu Buddhadasa’s centenary, Chicago, USA
October 23, Celebrating Bhikkhu Buddhadasa’s Centenary, The center of the Study of World Religion, Harvard, University
November 1, Concert and exhibition in honor of Bhikkhu Buddhasa Centenary at the National Art Center, Bangkok
November 2, Opening a one man exhibition by Preecha Arjunka
November 28-30, The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) invited Sulak Sivaraksa to participate with an academic workshop, titled “The Role of Transnational Civil Society in Defining the Boundary of a Political Community in Asia: A Focus on Europe-Asia Relations” in the Netherlands in the autumn of 2006. UNPO The Natherland
December 14, Lecture on Bhikkhu Buddhadasa at the Siam Society, Bangkok
December 18-20, UNESCO Meeting in Barcelona, Spain
December 23-28, An alternative tourism to Laos

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