S. Sivaraksa


Date of Birth: 27 March 1933
Place of Birth: Bangkok
Nationality: Thai


1958 Bachelor of Arts- St.David’s University College, Wales
1961 Barrister-at-Law- The Middle Temple, London
1978 Post-Doctorate Grant- Social Science Research Council, New York

Experience and Positions :

1957 BBC broadcasting at Bush House, London


• Council member of the Siam Society/ Honorary Editor of the journal of the Siam Society, Bangkok
• Founding member of the Coordinating Group for Religion and Society, est. in Bangkok (1976)
• Member of the International Advisory Board of Buddhist Peace Fellowship, USA
• Member of the Advisory Board of Institute of Asian Democracy, USA
• Member of the Advisory Board of International Campaign for Tibet, USA
• Honorary member of the Executive Committee of English Centre of P-E-N on 12 March 1992
Honorary Life Member of Lampeter Students’ Union in Recognition of Dedication and Commitment to Peace Democracy and The Environment on 26 January 1995
• Member of the International Advisory Board of Partage avec les enfants du tiers-monde, France
• Member of the Editional Board of Solidarity, Manila/ the Philippines
• Member ot the Board of the Green Peace Southeast Asia 2001
• Honorary member of PEN, Toronto, proposed by HE John Ralston Saul spouse of the Governor-General of Canada
• Honorary Fellow of the University of Wales at Lampeter


• 31 January 1981 The Centennial Anniversary of Ven. Somdej Phra Vanarat (Heng Khemajari)
• 18 August 1982 The Centennial Anniversary of Ven. Phra Dhepvimol (Chum Tisaro)
• 15 March 1993 The Centennial Anniversary of Ven. Phra Bhadaramuni (In Satyabharana)
• 10 January 1995 Sapan Somdej Ven. Phra Vanarat (Heng Khemacari), A bridge crossing the Chao Phya River, linking the provinces of Nakornsawan and Uthaithani
• 18 July 1998 The Centennial Anniversary of Ven. Phra Vimaladhamma (Choi Tanatutto)
• 8 November 2003 The Centennial Anniversary of Ven. Phra Vimaladhamma (Asabha Thera)
• 26 March 2005 A Memorial Library toVen. Somdej Phra Vanarat (Heng Khemajari) at Wat Dhammasophit ,Uthaitani
• 27 May 2006 Buddhadasa Centenary


• 14 December 1988 UNESCO celebrate Phya Anuman Rajadhon’s Centenary
• 25 November 1989 Phra Saraprasert’s Centenary
• 11 May 2000 UNESCO celebrate Mr.Pridi Banomyong’s Centenary
• 24 June 2003 In Connection with the opening of Reun Roi Chanum,Suan Nguen Mee Ma, Klongsarn, Bangkok. The Centennial Anniversary of Mr.Chalerm Sivaraksa
• 25 December 2004 The opening of Maha Sila Viravong Library at the Thousand Bamboo Grove, Vientiane , Laos. His centenary is 1August 2005
• 31 March 2005 UNESCO celebrate Mr.Kularb Saipradit’s Centenary

Sulak’s Trials in Thailand

In 1984 was arrested in Bangkok and charged with lese majeste or defaming the king. But the king had the case withdrawn
In 1991 gave speech against the military dictatorship and he had been charged with lese majeste
In December 1992 –1995 had foght out in the Bangkok Criminal Court on won the case
On 6 March 1998 was arrested in the jungle of Kanjanaburi for obstructing Yadana Gas Pipeline and the case is still pending while Sulak has been on bail ever since been in the court case


Important Lectures & Speeches

21 March 2005   The Opening Ceremony of the Sri Burapha Conference Hall (the pseudonym of Kularb Saipradit) at Thammasat University , Bangkok
16 August 2005   The Lecture on 60 th anniversary of the Declaration of Peace at Thammasat University , Bangkok
October 2005   The Ninth Annual Mahatma Gandhi Lecture on Nonviolence by Centre for Peace Studies at McMaster University in Hamilton, Canada
24 October- 5 November 2004   Libra Professor, Peace Studies Program at the University of Maine , USA
January-March 2003   Senior Fellow at the Harvard-Yenching Institute , Cambridge USA
22 April 2003   The annual Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture for World Peace at Oregon State University , USA
31 January 1998   The 50 th death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Lecture at the Gandhi Peace Foundation, New Delhi, India
19-21 July 2005   The invitation to attend the Global Conference entitled From Reaction to Prevention: Civil Forging Partnerships to Prevent Violent Conflict and Build Peace at UN Headquaters in NY
January31-February1,2005   Meeting of Faith and Develpoment Leaders at Dublin , Ireland
20-22 March 1985   Planning meeting for the UNU Subproject on Buddhist Perceptions of Desirable Societies

Teaching Appointments

18-30 January 1998   Lecture on Buddhist Economic at Schumacher College , Totness UK
April 1998   Taught on Engaged Buddhism at the Naropa Institute , Boulder , Corolado USA
6-8 November 1994   Seminar on “Gandhiji in The Changing World” at the Mahatama Gandhi Campus of the Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad organized by the committee to celebrate the 125 th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi
1-2 October 1994   75 th Anniversary The International Fellowship of Reconciliation IFOR at Amsterdam , Netherlands
14 March 2003   Speech at a symposium on “Buddhism, Globalization, and Social Change” at the Harvard Divinity School
25 October 2002   The Lang Distinguished Visiting Professor of Social Change lecture at Swarthmore College , Pensilvania , USA
13 November 1998   Speech at UNESCO in honor of Fr.LJ Lebret

Important Awards
1991 awarded by the Society of Thai Publishers& Distributors as a pioneer in both fields since 1962
1993 Sriburapa Award for being a distinguished aauthor dedicating for social justice during the last 30 years
1995 The Right Livelihood Award / Sweden
1998 The Unrepresented Nation and People Organization (UNPO) for deep commitment to peace and nonviolence / Taiwan
2001 Gandhi Millinium Awards


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